-- Paul Kane


As a son of a freelance artist and a hairdresser, I began my career 40 years ago in Chicago. After a few years there, I had the opportunity to move to Champaign and open the first franchise Hair Performers salon. I was active as an educator for John Amico and in haircutting competitions and was actually pretty successful. I feel that is where my real strength is, although I do enjoy color as well.


Why Kane & Co?

We moved our salon from the campus area 18 years ago. Downtown Champaign was being reinvigorated and we wanted to be a part of it! We found a very cool space and did a complete renovation and a few years later purchased the building (Illinois Traction Station) and expanded once again. I am so happy with how it all turned out and the response has been great!


What/who do you look to for inspiration?

I look for inspiration on a professional level from my peers and the media. It is always an inspiration when we have an educator in the salon or attend a class. You learn something every time!


What is your favorite downtown Champaign restaurant?

I would say that my favorites are Radio Maria and Kofusion and for a special meal, Bacaro. I can’t help but mention that my go-to place for GREAT food on a consistent basis is Timpone’s in Urbana…Incredible!


What is your most prized possession?

My home…whether we are working in the yard in the summer, hanging out and cooking, or relaxing by the fire in the winter…I love it! Throw in visits from my sons and their families and it doesn’t get much better!

• Women’s Haircut and Style – $55.00
• Men’s Haircut and Style – $45.00
• Single Process Color – Starts at $70.00
• Full Foil Highlights – Starts at $100.00
• Partial Foil Highlights – Starts at $85.00


*Corrective Color…Cost determined by consultation

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