-- Lauren Ennen


After six years in the industry I am still blown away by the amount of talent and creativity I run into on a daily basis. Learning about the roots of hair styling is something that powers me. I specialize in Men’s styles and short hair by using different cutting techniques to create a shape that best suits my clients.


Why Kane & Co?

Why not? Have you seen this place!? It’s a wonderful bunch of talented artists. The location is on point and the products we carry are amazing.


What/who do you look to for inspiration?

I got strength from growing up in a very supportive family. Hearing stories of people who achieve their goals in life without that support is inspirational to me. On a less personal note…the Internet is always inspirational!


What is your favorite downtown Champaign restaurant?

Desthil and Kofusion…I love the atmosphere of both places and have never been disappointed in either one.


What is your most prized possession?

Hands down, my cats! They are my babies and I love them to death!

• Women’s Haircuts – $40.00
• Men’s Haircuts – $35.00
• Bear trim – $10.00
• Blow Out Style – $35.00
• Single Process Color Starts – at $65.00
• Full Foil Highlights Starts – at $85.00
• Partial Foil Highlights Starts – at $50.00
• Perm – Starts at $65.00
• Brow wax – $15.00/Lip wax – $10.00

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